Principal for a Day

Here’s a chance for your daughter or son to “run” ISTP for a day! With the principals of ISTP, your child will be a special protégé as they go about their daily routine as principal. For your child, it will be anything but routine!
To start, the Principal for a Day will forgo his/her classes to work on the operations of ISTP. As his/her friends watch with envy, the Principal for a Day will get to make an intercom announcement to the whole school, sit in on various meetings, have discussions about school issues, and enjoy lunch with the principal team.
Your little Administrator may even have the opportunity to make decisions that will impact the future of the school!
The Principal for a Day will also get to create his/her “ideal schedule” and draw plans for the ideal classroom. We can’t guarantee any implementation of what will surely be brilliant ideas, but we can promise they will have a fantastic day that they will long remember. Just ask 2018 winner, Principal Mathur, or 2019 winner, Principal Cunningham!
  •  Principal for a Day experience for 1 Cohn Student
  •  Student will shadow each principal for a different portion of the day
  •  To be scheduled on a mutually agreed-upon date 
  •  Between school hours of 10AM to 2PM
  •  Must be redeemed by March 2021
  •  Limited to elementary and middle school students
Donors: Kate Conway, Lauren Than, and Jacques Rancourt