Gourmet Indian Feast for the Senses

Your gathering of 10 friends will be greeted with a cocktail and appetizers as you arrive at the celebrated modern home of Santosh Ramdev and Spencer Greene. Mingle by the pool, either indoors (viewing the pool from below the surface through a panoramic below-ground window) or outside in the garden, depending on the weather. After cocktails, retire to the dining room to enjoy richly varied regional vegetarian dishes from both North and South India and a delicious culminating dessert, all courtesy of experienced chef Santosh. Her kitchen includes a surprising assortment of unique grains and beans and she can share her knowledge of vegetarian cooking, including where to find the special ingredients and how to prepare them.

When the evening eventually draws to a close, guests will return home with recipes for all the highlighted dishes as well as a special blend of spices and directions for making traditional Indian tea, one of Santosh’s specialties. This will be an experience you'll want to relive and the flavors and scents of the spices will bring back the special memories of the evening.

  • Wine-paired 3-course vegetarian Indian dinner for 10 people at the Ramdev-Greene residence in Palo Alto
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Tour of spectacular modern home featured in Dwell magazine
  • Mutually-agreeable weekend date before March 21, 2021
  • Adults only
Donors: Santosh Ramdev & Spencer Greene