Champagne Tasting Garden Party

Champagne comes in a variety of flavors, qualities and intensities. It stimulates your palate, demanding to be noticed and appreciated, like the overture in a symphony, recurring amidst a theme.

Prepare to be swept away to a magical garden during a one-of-a-kind Champagne Tasting Garden Party.
Champagne tasting is a wonderful shared experience! Your party of 10 will enjoy a delectable buffet of hors d’œuvres  by the fabulous ISTP team of culinary talent, Sujata and Tania. You already know you will not be disappointed...

Swirl your glass to allow the champagne to open up and feel the mood as your four hosts take your evening from lovely to legendary with entertainment.
When it comes to Champagne, there is a right way to taste it, Stéphane and Sanjiv will make sure to educate you through the process, along with other amazing surprises...
During each blind tasting, you will use your Champagne expertise to record tasting notes and track your favorite Champagne. At the end of the evening, your hosts will reveal the names and origin of the Champagne, whereupon you may uncover that you have an intuitive preference for the finest bubbles or your palate favors a “bargain” bottle, or why not an appreciation of both. What’s your bet?
  • Champagne Tasting Garden Party for 10 adults with hors d'œuvres and entertainment
  • Expires March 21, 2021
  • Scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date, in warm weather
  • Excludes Sundays
Donors: Tania & Stéphane Hauradou and Sujata & Sanjiv Narayan