La Raclette: Discover a Swiss Tradition

Raclette is a Swiss national tradition, but opportunities to enjoy an authentic raclette meal in the Bay Area are scarce…until now!

You and nine guests will have the opportunity to experience a taste of Switzerland with an exquisite dinner in a lovely garden setting in the lovely Los Altos Hills home of ISTP parents Roxane and Vincent Borel. 
Your evening will include enjoying delicious hors d'œuvres and drinks around the fire pit. The main course, Raclette, made with Swiss cheese brought directly from the Borel’s hometown of Verbier (in the valley of Bagnes) is prepared with an authentic traditional raclette oven, and served with dry white wine. Dinner will be followed by a tasting of Kirsch (a clear brandy) to keep the classic Swiss tradition going.
Bring a group of friends together for an evening of authentic cuisine, fine wine, enjoyment, and an experience they are sure to remember.  
  • Wine-paired dinner for 10 guests, prepared by ISTP parents Roxane & Vincent Borel
  • White wine, sparkling water, or tea as your beverage options
  • Kirsch (brandy) tasting
  • A chance to learn how to prepare Raclette, the traditional way
  • To be scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date (September-December)
  • Preferably on a weekend (Saturday night)
  • Expires March 21, 2021
  • Adults only 
Donors: Roxane & Vincent Borel