Cheers to "The Good Life"

“The glass can be half empty or half full, as long as there’s whisky in it”
Make this spectacular night even more enjoyable! Your table can have your very own party right now with a bottle of top-shelf, award-winning Kavalan Sherry Oak Whisky, complete with a tray of 10 glasses, ready to share with your table as you all raise a toast to “The Good Life,” as Frank Sinatra’s song says.
There is no doubt that a Cuban cigar is the perfect complement to a glass of fine whisky. What better way to celebrate in style like Sinatra’s Rat Pack?

  • A Kavalan Sherry Oak whisky bottle, with a tray of 10 glasses  
  • 10 Cuban Cigars 
  • Cigars not to be smoked inside 
Donors: Jennifer & Emanuel Strauss and International School of the Peninsula