A Rocking and Shaking Party at UC Berkeley!

ISTP parents Jennifer and Emanuel Strauss are offering to introduce you and your children to the world of earth science. Treat your child to a unique and memorable party where they will have the opportunity to discover and test their scientific skills.

Have a rocking and shaking good time at UC Berkeley Seismology Lab where your group of 8 future seismologists will have the chance to work on multiple experiments including liquefaction (where the dirt turns to quicksand). The experiences will help to teach your child to combine critical thinking with imagination and the wonderful works of mother nature. If you prefer looking at historical instruments, getting access to original historical reports, or touring an active fault, Jennifer and her team will work with you to design the best earth science experience. Finish with a celebratory cake and take a photo in front of the saber-tooth cat statue to show your family and friends what a great time you had at UC Berkeley. Whether you choose to have a private tour of the lab or an adventurous party, it will definitely be a moment full of wonder and excitement. 
  • UC Berkeley Seismology lab private tour, science experiments, private room for party, cake included 
  • 8 party participants 
  • Valid until December 10, 2020
  • Must be scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date 
Donors: Jennifer & Emanuel Strauss